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PSM units are used all around Russia and abroad

Since 2005 PSM has delivered 0 units for 0 customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Abkhazia, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Libya, Ethiopia, Cuba.

PSM units are produced in Yaroslavl region, and operated around the world. Diesel units are used as in the private houses so in the large oil and gas fields.

We ship our products to the sites located in any place of Russia.

It is easy to get PSM units to the places remote from Yaroslavl. Export shipments cover the CIS, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Means of Delivery

Delivery to place of operation

PSM delivers the units directly to the place of operation. We arrange all the aspects from paperwork to offering the optimal method of shipment. The units can be delivered by different transport:

  • By trucking. We use any means of motor transport: cars, heavy trucks and trailers. Flatcars move the units installed in containers.
  • By railway. We can transport the units in freight wagons and open car platforms.
  • By ship. Transport the units in containers.
  • By Air (Helicopter): The unit can be lifted by use of the upper rings. For this way, you need to pre-order additional equipment. Contact PSM Manager for details.

Delivery to customer's warehouse

PSM can organize the whole supply chain to the customer's warehouse. We’ll select the best mode of transport, insure the goods, issue transportation documents, perform loading and unloading of equipment.

Delivery to transport company in Moscow

PSM will deliver the unit to Moscow logistics center of any transport company you like. Choose the shipping company you usually use. It will deliver the unit from Moscow to the place you need, under the tariffs and with the terms you used to work with.


Address of PSM warehouse: Yaroslavl, vill. Krasnyjj Bor

GPS: latitude - 57° 38'49,44" longitude 40° 0'28,62"

Route to PSM warehouse

Attention! The units mostly are the large-size production. And the only possible way is top loading.

The mobile units are transported in two ways: with the chassis removed and moved separately or are towed on their own chassis by the customer’s trailer. In this case, we will provide the documents for placing on the account in traffic police or Gostekhnadzor of Russia.

Allowed tow speeds for chassis with the the passport of self-propelled cars are up to 35 km/h. Chassis with the vehicle passport can move at speeds up to 90 km/h.

Before you order the transport to PSM warehouse, specify the dimensions, weight of the unit and shared the shipping details. We will advise you the most optimal option for your case.


We register all the necessary documents for transportation of goods abroad by ourselves.

The countries of the Customs Union

For customers from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia the set of documents includes:

  • Invoice
  • Consignment
  • Waybill
  • The transit Declaration is only for Armenia

This set of documents is enough to deliver the units to the place within the Customs Union on time without any problem.

Other countries

The set of documents for countries not included in the Customs Union, includes:

  • Invoice
  • Export Declaration
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of origin

PSM individually prepares each export shipment. Before delivering the units we collect the complete set of related documents. They facilitate and hasten passing of goods through customs.

All projects

Guarantee and service

PSM delivers the complex, large-size equipment that requires special installation on site. For commissioning and configuration of the units we recommend to turn to professionals.

Service branch of PSM carries the units’ commissioning, warranty service, maintenance and spare parts supply.

PSM engineers are always ready to go to your place and service your unit.