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Service support of the PSM equipment:
  • Diesel Gensets
  • Diesel Pump Sets
  • Power Drives


All of our units have a factory warranty. Service specialists repair the faults for free and consult the owners of the unit during all period of guarantee.

Standard warranty period for PSM diesel units (whichever comes first):

  • 12 months from the date of commissioning
  • 18 months from the date of shipment
  • 2000 hours of operation

The number of hours worked and the start date are displayed on the control panel of the unit.

Service maintenance

We help maintain the units in good condition throughout their life. You should monitor the condition of your equipment and conduct the following procedures:


Determines the cause of the failure, helps to determine the condition and wear of knots to replace them in time and not to do expensive repairs. Helps determine the cause of a major breakdown of a diesel unit.


Extends the lifecycle of the diesel unit and reduces the probability of an accident.


Do not allow idle equipment, which is expensive for owners of diesel units.

Modernization and automation

Allows you to add new options, choose packaging or completely replace the assembly of the unit. Changes the degree of automation from the first, which is controlled by the operator, to the second one, which works automatically.

PSM has a large stock of spare parts and consumables. There are more than 4000 items in our stock.

Starting-up and adjustment works

To secure the operation of diesel unit and ensure its reliability one should observe all the necessary safety and installation requirements. If the equipment installation or adjustment is done incorrect it may cause its premature malfunctions and failures.

The equipment operation start is one of the most important moments in its life cycle, therefore starting-up and adjustment works are the key services rendered by PSM service department.

For any diesel unit

  • Checking the correct installation of the unit according to the requirements of technical documentation
  • Checking the conformity of the ratings of the input (output) fuses (automatic devices), the cross-section of the cable according to the requirements of the technical documentation
  • Checking the readiness of the engines to start

For diesel gensets:

  • Connection of prepared power cables from the load distribution board to the control cabinets of the unit
  • Checking the correct connection of power and signal cables
  • Checking the unit in all modes of operation
  • Starting the unit in regular mode

For diesel pump sets

  • Connection of pumping lines to the pipeline
  • Primary filling of the pump with water to check the integrity of the element
  • Starting the unit in regular mode
  • Pump speed adjustment


Our customers are enterprises and organizations situated throughout Russia, CIS countries and further to Asia, Africa and America. To meet their requirements we offer the delivery services to any region of Russia and abroad.

Today the delivery may be carried out by railroad, vehicles or water transport, both by our carrier or the carrier chosen by customer. The delivery terms are negotiated and specified in the supply agreement.

For our foreign customers we also do the customs clearance and consulting.