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Parallel operation of diesel generator sets

Power generation complexes PSM supply electricity of high loaded objects and adapt power consumption to different tasks
  • Power from 600 kW to 40 MW
  • Schemes of work are set
  • Made in Russia

Power generation complexes PSM
Can make more than one diesel generator set

Power generation complexes consist of several diesel gensets working in parallel for a total load. It helps to adapt to the requirements: to increase or to reduce power, to vary load, to transport a part of stations to over objects.

Complex of several diesel gensets provides more opportunities than one unit.

Regulate power

Power generation complex is used both at high and low load. Control system identifies a number of working units for current power consumption.

ecommended load on diesel generator set is - no less than 25%.

Change energy system

Power generation complex could be increased or reduced.

A customer can connect new units or disconnect them and transport to another territory.

Strengthen the security of energy supply

Power generation complex is the double protection of blackouts.

УUnits in the system reserve each other. If one of them breaks, the object won’t be without electricity.

Extend equipment life

Automation distributes work between stations evenly. It increases resource of each station

Carry out repairs without interrupting operation

A customer can serve broken diesel genset without stopping system’s work. Other stations continue to generate electricity

Make transportation and installation easier

It is easier to transport several units than one large unit. They are lighter, have standard dimensions and don’t require special lifting equipment.

How power generation complex works

The main diesel station stabilizes on speed frequency and voltage and connects with general power tire. Other stations synchronize with the main station and also connect with general tire.

Synchronization is automatically. Power system of each diesel gensets manages the work of its unit regulating options for synchronous operation of all diesel gensets.

Specialists of PSM program working system of power generation complex according to project requirements. The system knows how many diesel gensets will work at different load.

Scheme of power generation complex work

Compare of power generation complex and one diesel genset

Power generation complex

Diesel genset


tо 40 МW

tо 2,5 MW


from 2 units and more

1 unit

Minimum load

25% of single unit power of minimum power


Mutual stand-by




Several middle-power units cost on 20-30% cheaper than single high-power unit. The price is lower on all stages: from buying and installation to operation and service.

PSM Generation Complexes Models

Diesel gensets are the base elements for power generator complexes PSM produced on the own company’s factory. Our specialists combine only those models which make the most functional tandems.

We carefully filter engines for power, accuracy and stability of electric characteristics. Parallel operation systems are made on the basis of import units – controllers AGC (Deif), contactors ABB and Sсhneider Electric. They monitor characteristics of work, distribute the load evenly between generators and manage the synchronization.

Series ADDo «Monsoon»

Series ADV «Njord»

Series ADMi «Taifun»

Series ADM «Sturm»

Power range
from 640 to 2000 KW

Based on
serial gensets ADDo series

Power range
from 640 to 2000 KW

Based on
serial gensets ADV series

Power range
from 2000 to 4000 KW

Based on
serial gensets ADMi series

Power range
from 2500 to 4000 KW

Based on
serial gensets ADM series

  • Adapted for using in harsh climate, work with heavy loads, can work on low-quality fuel
  • Have low cost of acquisition and operation because of economy in fuel and inexpensive spares and consumables
  • Available service. Simple construction of engine, increased lifecycle, a lot of service centers
  • Reduce operating costs because of the best fuel economy and oil in their own category and no-failure operation
  • Have low noise level, high power and efficiency even compact size
  • Can work at a critical temperature
  • The best service company in the country will make a prompt and quality service
  • High reliability and repairability guarantee long lifecycle
  • Engines equipped with a combustion chamber of the vortex type with self-cleaning fuel injectors, that provides softness and longer working lifecycle
  • Engines can be used in heavy duty of exploitation because of the simple, but strong construction
  • Very reliable. The cars for Germany defense, railway and sea transport equipped with this engines
  • Have lifecycle 60 000 before overhaul
  • Electronic control unit provides a high quality of diagnostics and instant alarm about the slightest errors
  • They have special systems of supplying fuel to the engine. It makes them more economical

Power Generation Complexes of Individual Assembly

БPSM makes special combinations of gensets for unusual conditions. 40 experienced engineers design diesel generation complex from the beginning.

Their knowledge is enough to give an expert assessment of the problem and to offer the solution according to all nuances.

Example 2

Main power supply of drilling rig


Install diesel generation complex of 2 gensets 1600 kW.

During the period of mineral deposit development equipment and camps need 3, 2 MW of energy.

When the season ends and energy consumption will decrease, diesel gensets PSM can be individually sent to other objects of the customer.

Example 1

Reservation of the boiler room in Siberian region


Install 2 diesel gensets 400 kW. The loading of the stations will be about 75% in different seasons.

Using diesel genset based on YAMZ engine. It allows using the quality of the average level in the remote villages where diesel generation complex stands.

Put the unit in container «Sever» for working in cold climate.

Container can be put on the chassis for moving between objects of the village.

Power generation complexes PSM
Used throughout Russia and abroad

We have completed more than 100 projects. Out high-class specialists install and carry out the equipment. They have a huge experience in creating diesel gensets and provide full technical support for the project.

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