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Factory PSM

— is the largest Russian company specializing in engineering, manufacturing and service maintenance of the special equipment based on diesel engines.
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Diesel gensets

Diesel pump sets

Diesel power drivers

Mobile pressure testing units

Units for pipeline hydrostatic testing

About PSM

Factory PSM is Russian producer of diesel equipment

We create gensets, pump sets and power drives based on diesel engines. Machinery produced by PSM organizes energy supply, or protects it from blackout, pumps fluid, sets in motion mechanisms. More than 14 200 PSM units are used all over the country and abroad. Daily they are supplying over 1,000 megawatts of electricity for the oilfields, factories, construction sites, coal mines, railways, airports, agriculture and gold mines.

We use the best global practices and adapt them to the specific client’s case. Every fourth diesel genset, released in Russia, is produced by PSM.

2 factories
in Yaroslavl region
Own engineering
2.5 billion rubles
1800 units
per year
PSM company

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Our Products

Ready-made Solutions

Each unit produced by PSM, we have designed ourselves. There are 40 engineers constantly improving PSM machinery. They use 3D engineering technology to create new devices, which customers have not enough. Our clients have the opportunity to choose "their" unit within the serial ranges from economy to premium. It is also possible to order the individual project with a special layout of components and systems, with a range of optional equipment and automation.

Diesel Pump Sets

100 models

For pumping water, pulp, gravel-sand mixture and fuel

Diesel Power Drivers

50 models
Power from 60 kW to 1 MW

For actuating mechanisms and completing machinery

Mobile pressure testing units

For hydrostatic test of heating networks

Allows to test small sections of the heating networks and reduces the period of seasonal shutdowns of hot water up to 3 days.

Units for pipeline hydrostatic testing

For hydrostatic test of oil and gaz pipelines

Designed for cleaning and hydraulic testings for field pipelines.

Diesel Gensets

138 models from 200 kW to 40 MW for prime, standby and continuous power

Gensets from 200 kW to 2800 kW Power ComplexUp to 40 MW

Diesel generator sets take the first place in the production structure of PSM. Gensets are based on Russian and foreign engines. For each model range we select engines and alternators that ideally suit each other. Traditionally, the series of PSM diesel generators are named in honor of the winds prevailing in the "homeland" of the engines.


AD «Buran» based on YaMZ and TMZ engines (Russia)


ADDo «Monsoon» based on Doosan engines (South Korea)

ADP «Perry» based on Perkins engines (Great Britain)

ADI based on FPT-Iveco Motors engines (Italy)


ADV «Njord» based on Volvo Penta engines (Sweden)

ADMi «Taifun» based on Mitsubishi engines (Japan)

ADM «Sturm» based on MTU engines (Germany)

ADC «Tornado» based on Cummins engines (USA)


We received ISO 9001:2015 certificate in 2016. The document issued by DQS international holding for certification confirms that the PSM complies with the quality management standards at all stages of development and production.

All PSM products meet the technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union and GOST (Russian National) standards.

OEM certificates guarantee that the company works with the component manufacturers directly.

Gazprom and Transneft supplier certificates confirm high technical level of the company.


Our assets allow us produce 1800 units per year

Factory PSM has two production sites in Yaroslavl region. At the site «PSM-Krasnyj Bor» we assemble diesel equipment and automation, conduct testing of products. And in «PSM-Tutayev» we produce metal parts: frames, fuel tanks, containers, canopies and sound-proof enclosures. Both plants are equipped with the computer-controlled machines and tools of the latest versions.

PSM uses the systems of lean production and quality management. Quality Department controls all the details: from choosing the components to the shipment. Every day PSM factories produce from 10 to 15 ready-made units.

PSM-Krasnyj Bor

10 000 m²

  • Assembling the diesel sets
  • Packaging
  • Electrical wiring
  • Assembling the control systems
  • Product testing

5 000 m²

  • Producing the containers, canopies and sound-proof enclosures


PSM has a special engineering department.

It is an integral part of the company and the basic element of our development strategy.


service teams

PSM Projects

> 14 200 units
> 1 464 MW of electricity
> 1 800 sets per year

PSM grasps the essence of clients problems and finds them the perfect answer.

PSM diesel gensets, power drives and pump sets are used by 1600 clients from various spheres, regions and countries. Our units are everywhere in Africa and beyond the Arctic circle, in the middle of the Caspian sea and on islands in the Arctic ocean, in the center of Moscow and in the distant Khanty-Mansi village.

Among the constant PSM clients - oil and gas giants Gazprom, LUKOIL, Rosneft, a major energy company – IDGC and Rosenergoatom, the transport leader of the country – Russian Railways, as well as the government agencies: Ministry of Internal Affairs, EMERCOM, rocket-space Corporation «Energy».

Our clients

Oil and gas — 37%
Machines complement — 19%
Energy — 10%
Agriculture — 10%
Retail and construction — 9%
Mining — 6%
Industry — 6%
Government Agencies and Utilities — 3%
More than
1000 projects

See all projects

4000 spare parts in stock

Guarantee and Service

Our service devision helps clients with setting equipments and maintenance during operation.

Engineers work only with technique equipped with diesel engine. They will come to the location of use wherever it was or bring outfit to our service platform for overhaul.

and commissioning
Automation and

The history of our company

From the business idea to the Russian scale producer


The 25-years old «Autodiesel» plant specialists had implemented their business idea – to improve diesel generator sets according to the needs of a particular client. The first units have been made for the drilling company «Eurasia» and «Transneft», «Rosneft», «Gazprom» subdivisions.


The company’s structure was extended by Engineering Department, Purchasing and Sales Departments, Consumer Service Department. PSM started to produce diesel pump sets and developed it’s own control system for diesel units. In 2008 private label PSM was officially registered.


Time, when the first export deliveries to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ethiopia were made. PSM showed higher growth rates than the market as a whole and had taken a leading position among Russian manufacturers of diesel industrial gensets with a share of 25%.


Years are marked by large contracts realization. 60 gensets provided the railway industry needs. IDGC Holding, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Energy Department of Khanty-Mansiysk AO have adopted about 150 PSM units. Diesel genset segment growth rate amounted to 150% regarding the previous years.


The company founder Andrey Medvedev became one of the Forbes TOP-9 «the most successful Russian entrepreneurs, who created business up to the age of 33 years». PSM launched the second production site –metalworking plant for containers, sound-proof enclosure renewed design manufacturing.


PSM’s turnover reached the mark of 2,5 billion rub. The lean manufacturing principles concerned all company areas. Factory has been ISO 9001 certified, affirming compliance of the company organization development level to the principles of the international quality management system.


CEO Andrei Medvedev participated in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on industrial development in the region.

PSM becomes an accredited supplier of «Transneft» and «Gazprom».


PSM has expanded the pool of suppliers. The Plant has developed the new line of units based on FPT engines (ex-Iveco Motors), launched the production of units with Pioneer Pumps. Focus on engineering: about 50 technically sophisticated stations with the capacity of over 630 kW were sold during the year.


Andrey Medvedev



Andrey Medvedev is one of the company’s founders and CEOof PSM. He is responsible for the development of the company, working-out and implementation strategic plans, effective communication of the company’s units.


Andrey Medvedev


Andrey Medvedev is one of the company’s founders and CEO of PSM.

He is responsible for the development of the company, working-out and implementation strategic plans, effective communication of the company’s departments.

Andrey has two higher educations: he graduated with honors from the Faculty of the Information and Computer Science of Demidov Yaroslavl State University in 2002 and graduated with honors from Economics Facuity in 2003.

Since 2002 he worked in Yaroslavl Engine Factory «Avtodizel» as a leading specialist of sales department, then – as a deputy chief of marketing department.

In 2005 he decided to create his own engineering group PSM. Since the moment of company’s foundation Andrey worked as a business manager and led the development of sales and communication with partners.

With the growth of the company Andrey Medvedev started to guide all departments, communication with providers and customers, planning activities.

Andrey has been CEO of PSM since 2012.

Special Project

PSM is a partner of the PSM-SPORT

PSM is so-owner and sponsor of motorsports team PSM-SPORT taking part in Russian Racing Championship. In 2012 the team was the champion of Russia. PSM-SPORT is the most venturesome project of our company.